Below are some Operations activities you are likely to see:

Pipeline Cleaning

As a primary part of the District’s preventive maintenance plan, a high velocity pipeline cleaning program is used to maintain 190 miles of wastewater lines.

CCTV Inspections

The District uses CCTV pipeline inspection as its primary source of information about the existing wastewater collection system.

Customer Service

District customers frequently call when they have problems with their sanitary sewer. All calls are investigated promptly.

FOG Inspections

The purpose of the FOG Management Program is to establish uniform permitting, maintenance and monitoring requirements for controlling the discharge of fat, oil, & grease from food service facilities discharging into the wastewater collection system. Learn More...

Manhole Inspections

The District is currently responsible for approximately 4,720 manholes and inspects each manhole on an annual basis.

Lift Stations

The District maintains and operates sixteen (16) pump stations. These pump stations range in size from lift stations serving small apartment complexes to larger regional size pump stations that may serve several neighborhoods or drainage basins.


Flow Monitoring

The District’s flow monitoring program consists of four flow logging sites of state-of-the-art, Marsh McBirney Fl o-Dar flow monitoring equipment near current areas of concern of the District’s wastewater collection system. These units are located in manholes and are easily maintainable by crews without having to enter the manholes.

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