Improving infrastructure for the benefit of the community

Ronald Wastewater District is in the process of replacing the sanitary sewer mainlines using pipe bursting (what is pipe bursting?) in some of the neighborhoods listed above. When the District is replacing a mainline in these neighborhoods, property owners will be given an opportunity to have their private side sewers replaced at no additional cost to them. The home owner will need only to sign a Right-of-Entry document allowing The District to do the work.

pipebursting  Learn more about Pipe Bursting here.


Side Steps

Battling infiltration and inflow (I/I) in side sewers

pdf Read article from the Water Environment & Technology Magazine about Ronald Wastewater District replacing side sewers and significantly reducing the I/I in the wastewater system ...


Reprinted with permission from Water Environment & Technology (2011), Vol. 23, No. 7, pp.52 to 55. Copyright © 2011 Water Environment Federation: Alexandria, Virginia;






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